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Customer avatarBy:adtypeanddesign
From:Louisville, CO
Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Male
Style of Home: Ranch
Age of Home: 31-50
Customer Type: Homeowner
Posted: November 14, 2013
Milgard windows hold up well during the flood
I want to say that your windows are the best!
During the September 2013 rains that resulted in the massive flooding, I had a positive experience with Milgard windows.
I work in a home office in my basement that has a window well in the same room. During the rainstorm, I didn't notice anything wrong until I saw a trickle of water coming in. Looking at the window, I was stunned to see that it looked like an aquarium. I quickly checked the other window wells and all were still dry.
I went outside, shored up the gutter with an extension ladder, and the water stopped flowing into the window well while my son bailed it out with a bucket. The accompanying photo shows where the water rose to as illustrated by the yellow line. The window did not break or bend and I can say I am so impressed with the quality of Milgard windows.
Thank you for making such a quality product in the USA.
Story TopicsSafety, high quality
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