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    February 28, 2014
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    February 28, 2014
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Customer avatarBy:Ron11
From:Vancouver, WA, USA
Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Male
Style of Home: Modern
Age of Home: 21-30
Customer Type: Homeowner
Posted: February 28, 2014
A new and refreshing appearance inside and out.
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Two new and one existing for comparison
Two new and one existing for comparison
We had to replace six large windows in our 23 year old home that were fogging up. The repair estimate was 3/4 the cost of new Milgard Tuscany windows. Repairing the old windows would have came with a 3 year warranty. The new Milgard windows were better looking, easier to operate and came with a lifetime warranty. We purchased the Milgard windows through Home Depot and had the finest service you could ask for. I also talked at length many times with the Milgard factory tech support and they were very helpful in the style selection. I like to tell everybody that will listen about my experience and satisfaction. The attached picture shows two new windows and one existing to show the difference.
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